2020.4.15 - Articulating The Good We Want To Become

Rev. C. Jarrod Lies - Wed, Apr 15

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Sermon Transcript

Dear St. Francis Parishioners,

I was wondering if you would help me articulate a future homily?

In my Easter Homily I shared with you that my pastoral heart has been stirred up by this pandemic. That this is a culture-changing event. And that it is on each of us as to whether it is an event that changes culture for ill or for good.

So, in that homily, I asked a question, “Who do you want to be -or- who do you want your family to be--when this pandemic is over?” Then I encouraged, “Envision it! See it! See the good that you are going to become and achieve it! Now is the time for something new!”

I also placed three questions before us that will help us to achieve a new, a better, way of living: “Who am I?”; “Who am I with?”; and “What am I going to do about it?”

Perhaps you have been sitting with these questions already, over the last month of being at home by yourself or with the rest of your household. I imagine that, while this time can be trying, you have also experienced some good fruit from it.

So, what I am looking for from you is this: an email is going to be sent to you – when you get it, if you wish, reply to that email with your answer to this question: What good is currently happening in your life, or in your family’s, or in your household’s life, right now that you want to see continue after the shelter-place-order is lifted?

For example, the five of us in the rectory have experienced a greater sense of fraternity and have spent more prayer time with one another. In one way or another, we will want that to continue after this shelter-in-place order is lifted.

How about you? Is there something new happening in your household that you want to continue even after this shelter-in-place order has been lifted?

When our high schoolers meet, they often times do a segment called “good things.” They each take a turn sharing a good thing that has recently happened in their life. In a way, I hope that your reply to this email will create a parish “good things” email strand.

So, if you wish, please directly reply to that email. You can then view all the responses by clicking on that email in your Flocknote account. In this way, others can see your ‘good things’ and you can see their ‘good things.’ By doing this I hope we can foster this ‘culture-changing event’ for the good of us all.

Then, in the future I will use this email strand in a homily to articulate the “good we want to maintain in the future.”

Thank you for your time. May God bless you and your families.

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