2014.5.21 - In Memory Of Kay Wolf

Rev. C. Jarrod Lies - Wed, May 21

Sermon Transcript

  1. Pauline Kay (Mauck) Wolf – March 9, 1945 – May 16, 2014 a. Hill City, Farm, Poor b. 2 Sisters and 1 brother c. Baby of the family d. Loved quilting (esp. baby quilts), reading books, e. Outdoors person: mowing, gardening, walking with headband and picking up cans, wanted a weed-eater for Christmas f. Outgoing person g. Directionally challenge: “She took the scenic route.” h. Short: 5’2” – (actually 5’1 ½”) i. Strong will – she was scared of nothing j. Didn’t worry about stuff – content with what she had
  2. Kay and Larry a. Married Larry when she was 14 “and a half!!” and Larry was 19 b. 54 ½ years of married c. Confirmed and Baptized at Clonmel by Fr. Blackledge d. Marriage blessed at Clonmel and did Marriage Encounter in 1979 or 1980 e. Tough time when first married – waited tables, cleaned houses, eventually stashed money f. Agreeable with Larry – went along with Larry through joint discussions g. “We never went to bed mad.” – we made up h. Owned businesses – auto-repair, service centers, worked on cars i. After retirement Kay and Larry were always in one another’s presence j. Kay would help Larry with cars, she knew the tools, Larry called her “my third hand” k. Built shed together: she hung trusses even with a smashed thumb l. Enjoyed classic car shows: they would take two cars, the one Kay drove…was hers m. Raced tractors: pulling tractors – “She whipped us” n. When confronted with the reality of dying she told her Doctor, “I’ve had 54 years of a good life.” Referring to her husband.
  3. Sayings: a. Serenity prayer: Lord, grant me the grace to accept the things I can’t change, to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. b. “God will take care of it.” c. “Have you prayed about it?” d. “Whatever God’s will for you.” e. “Enjoy life while you have a chance.” f. “Appreciate and enjoy what you have.” – don’t be jealous or envious of others g. “Can’t never did anything.” h. “If you think you have it tough… look around you.” i. “As long as the good Lord put a roof over your head and food on your table you have what you need.”
  4. Mother: a. Respected your autonomy: Always supported you: she may not agree with you, she will express her opinion, but in the end she supported you b. Rick got away with a lot – laughed one day when he was going to get whipped c. She would go without for the kids d. Spent two days on a Greyhound to Louisanna to help her daughter with the birth of her grandson e. Randy: “She taught me everything.” f. She scared her in-laws: Next time I see you there better be a ring on her finger! g. She would not ask many questions of you, but when she did she expected an answer and expected the truth. h. Could always tell if a person is lying, even over the phone. i. When she said no she meant no and there was no pleading the case. j. She didn’t like to be questioned. When asked what she is doing she would say, “A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.”

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