2015.10.17 - In Memory of Tom Suchan

Rev. C. Jarrod Lies - Sat, Oct 17

Runtime: 00:14:16

Sermon Transcript

Tom Suchan
1. Family interaction:
a. He would sing everything
b. Grandpa song – made up song
c. Sunday board games: Risk, Farming, Stocks and Bonds
d. Family vacations: no stops
2. Hobbies/Interests
a. Movies: Airplane – more fun to watch with dad
b. Gardening:
i. Vernacular: “Salad side failed” – Tomatoes started out in harsh environment – deluge of rain that led to 5 fett tall plants: “When God closes one door (the salad stuff), He opens a window (the tomatoes).”
c. Books
i. Donating to library 700 books; Good will
ii. Hardback books – no kindle
iii. World War I, history, murder mystery
d. Crosswords - Kryptocrypt
e. Cleveland Browns and Indians
f. Traveling: Cruising, Bus Trips
i. Kay would take pictures; Tom would talk about menus
g. No Guns – Tom would “shoot” pictures
3. Reporter for Wichita Eagle
a. Writing awards – 2 Pultizers: reporting at Kent State Riots and Detroit Riots
b. “Our Citizenship is in heaven.”
c. “Sometimes things like that are necessary to make a change.”
d. He loved words, writer, editor
e. Retired at 48

4. Wrote a cook book: “I am writing this book for one reason … and one reason alone. I want my children – three sons and one daughter – to appreciate the food we’ve been serving them during their formative years.”
a. Interesting sandwiches: bologna, cheese and ketchup, egg salad
b. Pizza – extra stacked
c. Many had first experiences of cooking food from Tom – omlettes, cheeseburgers
d. Every Friday was “Fry” day
e. Loved to cook – try new things in the kitchen
f. Not healthy: butter, grease
g. Experpts from the Cook book:

i. Meat loaf – 2 types: “My dad used to say there are only to kinds of meatloaf good and better.”

ii. Easter Meatloaf: Sekanice –
iii. Spatzle
iv. His mom’s dismal pot roast.

v. Kay Breakfast Souffle
vi. “Just remember: These are recipes from my heritage. For good or for bad, these are things that I grew up with. In a lot of case, they are unhealthy … perhaps even dangerous. But they are part of me.”
5. Traditions: Fruit cake at Christmas; Cranberrys @ Thanksgiving
a. Hosted different holidays: kids would bring various things
6. Volunteered: “Those who love their life lose it… Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there also will my servant be.”
a. Holy Family Camp – 23 years - Counselors, kitchen
b. Anthony Family Shelter – 1 day a month – 20 years
c. Themed meals
d. Write a poem
7. Virtues: Forgiving, Humble, Giving – generous, Snarky, Never Complained – wouldn’t talk about his pain, Never wanted to be an inconvenience, Suffering in the hospital
a. “He will change our lowly bodies to conform with his glorified body.”
b. “Chastised a little, they shall be greatly blessed, because God tried them, and found them worthy of himself.”
8. He’ll get to heaven and ask for the menu.
9. Hosea 14:2 – Take with you words and return to the Lord.

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