2014-6-3 - In memory Of Rachel Anton

Rev. C. Jarrod Lies - Tue, Jun 03

Sermon Transcript

Rachel Antone
1. Childlike
a. Married to Leonard for 48 years
i. Inseparable, matching clothes
ii. Kept the memories of the children either in pictures or report cards
iii. Wintered in Arizona, RV
b. Christmas
c. Card games/ board games/dominoes/yatze
d. Exctied about engagement, wedding
e. WII fit – got excited about the obstacle course or bowling
f. Finding her mother’s day ring
2. Meek
a. Helper:
i. Genuinely cared about others Caregiver to the max, called you by name, worried about the nurses
ii. Worried about everyone – Active concern for others, had to call when you got home
iii. “Be Kind” - led by example of how she treated others
b. “Meek not weak”
i. “Her look” – you knew when your were in trouble
ii. Eyes in the back of her head
iii. Determined / Stubborn
3. Labor/Burdened
a. “Work hard”
b. Worked as a fabricator at Learjet
c. Sold magnetic jewelry
4. Hope does not disappoint
a. “It will get better.” - optimistic and positive
b. Amazing Grace
c. Read Scripture, watched Church on TV
d. Invited to participate by Rita Gorges
5. We have received reconciliation

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