Particularly Sent (DCYC Keynote)

Rev. C. Jarrod Lies - Sun, Mar 15

Runtime: 00:42:55

Sermon Transcript

Particularly Sent
1. Introduction:
a. David’s Christmas Gift: G.I. Joe Tank
b. My Birthday Gift: Schwinn Bike
2. The Precious Eucharist
a. What is seen doesn’t match the reality.
b. Protect what is valuable.
3. Why Bread and Wine?
a. Food is always particular
i. Profoundly and solely individual
ii. We cannot eat for other people– two people cannot receive calories from one bite
iii. Food is nourishment and it becomes us.
b. Bread:
i. Most basic of all foods, the primary food, food par excellence, without which one cannot live.
ii. From the many one are made.
iii. Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies…
iv. Milled and watered
c. Wine:
i. Wine is not the most basic drink: water is. So its sign means something different than bread.
ii. Sign of Joy: libation
iii. Penetration
iv. Superabundance
4. God’s presences
a. Immensity:
i. Universal and non-personal
b. Sacrament:
i. Universal and personal
ii. The sacraments are not ends: they are means and mediators.
c. Indwelling:
i. Particular and personal
ii. Jesus chose food for us to understand that he chooses us particularly and becomes part of us individually… for our own sake.
iii. He is entirely for us in a unique and personal way.
iv. Love seeks unity with the beloved.
5. Tabernaculum
a. God dwells in you
b. You take God into the world
c. Joy

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